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Convergent Receivables Management

A founding member of the Commercial Collection Agency Association section of the Commercial Law League, Convergent has been a leader in the commercial receivables management industry for more than fifty years. We have built a combination of commercial collection talent, technique and technology that is second to none. We have worked with every type of commercial claim there is and have developed the resources and skills to maximize recovery on these claims.

The Problem

Collecting on commercial claims is a specialty. Few agencies have both the scale and special skills required to collect these types of claims effectively.

The Convergent Solution

Convergent provides a broad range of commercial collection services, including:

  • Traditional third party collections. You only pay us if we are successful.
  • Outsourcing/Consulting. Our experienced agents will act in your name, using your system or ours, on a per call, or per account or project basis.
  • Internal Legal. Our legal department excels in issues involving the application of contract terms, which often put us in a better position to encourage a debtor to pay on the contract or negotiate a favorable settlement.

The Bottom Line

Increase your cash flow by turning over commercial collection claims to Convergent.