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Convergent Receivables Management

The best time to collect is usually before a customer becomes seriously past due. Convergent can put together an effective Early Out program designed to fit your needs that will reduce your internal costs and allow you to re-prioritize your staff's time. Our programs include a mix of collection letters, automated calls and live agent contacts, depending on your situation.

The Problem

Early stage delinquent accounts can become seriously delinquent if not dealt with effectively. Your staff has many competing priorities, so it can be difficult for them to provide the focus on early stage delinquents that will boost your cure rate.

The Convergent Solution

Our experienced staff will work with you to distinguish problem accounts earlier and recommend solutions than can be initiated when your customer becomes overdue but before they become seriously past-due. Our programs include

  • Professional collection letters customized to each customer
  • Customized automated phone scripts
  • Automatically forward accounts to one of our our full service collection programs as desired
  • Fees based on scope of work

The Bottom Line

A Convergent Early Out program will cure more accounts, while reducing your costs and permitting you to make better use of your personnel's time and resources.