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Convergent Receivables Management

Convergent is one of the largest contingency collection companies in the United States, with leading clients from a wide variety of industries, including banks, financial institutions, retailers, telecommunications companies, cable and satellite service providers and utilities. We are skilled at dealing with debtor resistance to paying their obligations and use proven strategies and collection techniques to encourage voluntary payment in compliance with applicable law, regulation and client policy.

The Problem

Many creditors do not have the latest analytic tools, cost saving technology and economies of scale to collect on thousands of delinquent and charged off accounts. Often a collector is competing with collectors for other creditors for payments from the consumer. Having a scaled up, modern collection effort can make a big difference in liquidation rates.

The Convergent Solution

Convergent has made the investments in analytic, telephony and computer technology to reduce costs and increase agent effectiveness. Our CARE Analytic Recovery Engine and CEScore, combined with our proprietary, open source Kaliope IVR/VR ensure a cost effective effort on accounts with the highest propensity to pay. By focusing our resources on accounts with a greater liklihood of payment, we can out-compete less sophisticated agencies by delivering superior financial performance and high levels of client and consumer satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Convergent can provide higher cash flow in a fully compliant, secure and stable environment, resulting in higher consumer and client satisfaction.