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Convergent Receivables Management

Our years of experience working with a wide variety of call types and advanced technology makes it possible for us to work directly on client systems, acting in your name, with a minimum of lead time or effort on your part. Our networked call centers around the country deliver excellent time zone coverage, reliability and disaster recovery redundancy.

The Problem

Many client call centers are sub-optimized for certain call types for a variety of reasons. It often makes sense to outsource those call types to a third party who can handle them more efficiently or effectively, based on experience, specialized technology or capacity. Ideally, these calls are handled transparently, so that the customer can’t discern the difference between an insourced call and an outsourced call.

The Convergent Solution

Convergent brings broad experience across a broad range of call types, sophisticated technology and nationwide capacity to bear in developing customized first party programs. We have the flexibility to ramp up quickly to handle unxpected call volumes, the redundancy and backup to ensure uninterrupted service and the familiarity with KPI-based performance contracts to meet your quality, cost and performance expectations.

The Bottom Line

Outsource to Convergent to improve customer satisfaction, lower cost, increase efficiency and decrease risk.