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Accounts receivable management from day one to statute: Convergent provides inbound and outbound receivables management across all stages of the consumer and commercial life cycle on both a first and third party basis. With an innovative combination of an adaptable workflow engine, technology-enabled operations, next-generation analytics and professional services Convergent delivers superior financial performance and high levels of client and consumer satisfaction.


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Our advanced technology makes it possible for us to work directly on client systems, acting in your name, with a minimum of lead time or effort on your part. Our networked call centers around the country deliver excellent time zone coverage, reliability and disaster recovery redundancy.


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We are one of the largest contingency collection companies in the United States, with leading clients from a wide variety of industries, including banks, financial institutions, retailers, telecommunications companies, cable and satellite service providers and utilities.


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SONAR is an exclusive Convergent program for warehouse accounts. Like a nuclear submarine listening for other boats, SONAR constantly monitors multiple credit databases for activity indicating renewed collectibility and then targets these accounts for renewed collection.


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A founding member of the Commercial Collection Agency Association section of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Convergent has been a leader in the commercial receivables management industry for more than 62 years.