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Convergent Care

Convergent digs deeply into accounts that are not being pursued effectively to find additional reimbursement due. Convergent uses attorneys to provide intensive follow-up on all delayed accounts, and legally-oriented written appeals to secure reimbursement on denied accounts. Our highly trained legal team of more than 70 attorneys has the expertise—and legal clout—to resolve outstanding issues and expedite payment.

The Problem

Many hospitals have large portfolios of denied, unpaid, and uncollected claims that are not being effectively worked. A clean up or custom project can help to reduce accounts receivable and liquidate these claims quickly, thus increasing cash flow and freeing your staff to focus on more collectable claims.

The Convergent Solution

Convergent resolves problem claims expeditiously and professionally. Our legally oriented appeals cite applicable state and federal statutes to ensure the payer understands their payment obligations. Claims include extensive supporting documentation, utilization review expertise, clinical rationale, and medical community standards to support the appropriateness of treatment and coverage.

The Bottom Line

Problem accounts that have been languishing in your inventory are converted to cash. Let Convergent use its skills, credentials, and technology to convert a headache into an asset.