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Convergent Care

Convergent takes an aggressive approach to obtain faster and higher levels of reimbursement for Workers’ Compensation claims. Our specialized attorney-led teams use technology, deep understanding of state-by-state Workers’ Compensation regulations, and rigorous follow up to collect what is legally due from every claim. All our accounts are managed by attorneys who know how quickly to get the attention of payers for accurate and timely payments.

The Problem

Unfortunately, Workers’ Compensation claims often result in either slow reimbursement or lost revenue for healthcare providers. Because of the unique character of these accounts, hospital staff is often forced to devote a disproportionately higher level of time and effort to resolving these claims. All too often, the investment in settling these accounts is not matched by the return received.

The Convergent Solution

When you place new and aged Workers’ Compensation claims with Convergent, we apply our advanced technology to calculate anticipated reimbursement for claims in states with complex fee schedules, allowing us to accurately identify and appeal underpaid claims. We can work on your system and, if you like, provide staff to work at your site.

The Bottom Line

You can count on Convergent attorneys to be abreast of the latest case law and to devote the time and expertise necessary to pursue your Workers’ Compensation claims, increase your reimbursements and reduce the administrative burden on your staff. We will determine the appropriate reimbursement and pursue payment through persistent telephone contact, tailored letters and fighting cases in court, if warranted. Let Convergent do the heavy lifting on your Workers’ Compensation accounts.