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Convergent Care

Convergent CARE can boost recoveries on accounts in your AR that have aged or proved difficult to resolve. Our team has been working these problem claims for many years for many different clients, so we know from experience the best way to approach each account. By referring your old and problem accounts to Convergent you can free up internal resources to work other accounts, while taking advantage of Convergent’s expertise and focus on the problems in your AR portfolio.

The Problem

An aged account is a problem account. By definition, your in-house efforts have been unsuccessful in resolving the account, due to the complexity of the account, difficulty contacting the payer, or the press of other work. Whatever the reason, the older an account gets the harder it is to collect. Aged accounts often require specialized tools and skills not available to the average hospital collector.

The Convergent Solution

Convergent has years of experience collecting aged and problem accounts in a variety of settings. Whatever the problem, we have seen it many times before. By referring your problem accounts to Convergent you’ll get the benefit of a highly educated, trained, experienced staff and a systematic, results-driven approach from a partner who is mindful of preserving your image in your community.

The Bottom Line

By outsourcing your aged accounts to Convergent you will increase cash flow, reduce outstanding accounts receivable and free up valuable resources to work accounts earlier in the pipeline.