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Convergent Care

Convergent CARE provides critical extra resources to hospitals undergoing a system conversion, reducing the amount of AR to convert if accounts are being converted, and freeing up staff to learn and implement the new system. With its broad array of capabilities, Convergent can create customized projects to assist with a wide variety of AR conversion needs, including working specific payers and/or age categories.

The Problem

Converting from one back office system to another often turns out to be much more complicated and time-consuming than expected. Long before a new system goes live, staff must learn new processes and be trained to use the new system. When focus moves from working accounts to training, productivity can slump, which can have huge financial consequences as accounts receivable are not adequately serviced.

The Convergent Solution

Unlike a hospital’s staff that may have never experienced a conversion, Convergent has helped many hospitals switch to a variety of systems. By moving all or a portion of the existing AR to Convergent, the hospital frees its resources to focus on the conversion without jeopardizing current cash flow, as well as ensuring the investment made in the system is fully realized.

The Bottom Line

Convergent can reduce the risk and cost of system conversion by adding skilled accounts receivable management staff to the hospital team; this partnership will help maintain or improve cash flow and AR days before and after the system is implemented.