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Convergent Care

Convergent begins managing motor vehicle accident accounts immediately from the patient’s discharge, evaluating all potential payers and aggressively pursuing all payment sources, including the patient’s insurance policies, the responsible party’s automobile insurance policy, and alternative sources such as the patient’s health insurance carrier, Medicare, or Medicaid. When warranted, we protect the interests of our clients through the timely filing of liens and procurement of enforceable letters of protection from the patient’s attorneys.

The Problem

Motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims are time consuming to adjudicate, inflate accounts receivable, and are a potential source of lost revenue. Health insurance coverage for accidents is notoriously complex, depending on who was at fault, private insurance coverage, state law and other factors. A typical hospital billing department does not have the time or expertise to file and release liens, scrutinize letters of protection and review settlements.

The Convergent Solution

Convergent employs a dedicated team of attorneys specializing in MVA cases; these experts can navigate the entanglements of the legal system to help free your staff’s time and avoid lost revenue. Each of our attorneys manages only 350 claims, so they have time to ensure the timely filing and follow up of the legal documents that are required to adjudicate MVA claims.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re currently outsourcing motor vehicle accident accounts or handling them in-house, the professionals at Convergent can help you generate more payments more quickly. Working with Convergent can help you drive down the time and resources you spend on motor vehicle accident accounts and ensure the timely arrival of payments.