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Convergent Care

Collecting on medical receivables requires a balance between persistence and understanding the patient’s predicament. Convergent CARE Recovery uses specialized representatives, advanced healthcare scoring models and powerful workflow technology to recover on accounts after internal collection efforts are exhausted. Our teams are trained to maximize recoveries, while maintaining the goodwill of the patient. In addition, we have extensive legal resources we can deploy at your discretion.

The Problem

In our challenging economic environment self-pay balances are becoming an increasing percentage of a hospital’s total accounts receivable. Even the best performing hospitals write off three percent of gross revenue annually. After third-party claims and internal self-pay collection efforts are exhausted, remaining accounts need a more intensive collection effort from an expert.

The Convergent Solution

Our experienced teams, working in a FDCPA compliant environment, pursue every possible reimbursement source. We use an advanced healthcare scoring model to better identify charity care and increase efficiency; predictive dialing to make collection cost effective; and proprietary processes to maximize reimbursement while being sensitive to your patients. We also have more than 100 staff attorneys who can help resolve difficult accounts.

The Bottom Line

Convergent CARE brings a combination of people, process and technology to the challenge of collecting receivables after internal collection efforts are exhausted. Convergent will pursue every possible approach to accelerate reimbursement, while maintaining positive patient relations.