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Several years ago, the healthcare provider struggled with pure self-pay and self-pay balances after insurance payment accounts. With limited staff to serve these patients, wait times for inquiry calls averaged 20 minutes and abandonment rates ran sky high. This resulted in significant patient satisfaction concerns the provider wanted to resolve quickly.

Convergent Healthcare Recoveries, Inc. (CHRI) had already worked with the healthcare provider in a different capacity as the provider of either…
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For the healthcare provider, the transition to outsourced accounts receivable management for self-pay balances was near-instant. Convergent immediately placed two representatives on-site to begin the collections work as it continued to build its off-site team. “Convergent’s on-site staff quickly adapted to our culture and became part of our bigger team. As liaisons between the two companies, they really help to minimize our involvement in this portion of the business. We’re able to keep our…
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Convergent has helped the provider free up self-pay cash to allocate to other areas of the business and raise the quality of service extended to patients with self-pay balances. Phone metrics also demonstrate a tremendous improvement in customer service levels. For inbound calls, the wait time to speak to a representative has dropped from an average of 20 minutes to just 30 seconds 70 percent of the time. Call abandonment rates are now under five percent.

By continually working together to uncover…
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