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Medical Center Hospital (MCH), based in Texas oil country, faces a problem that most healthcare organizations across the country do not currently have on their list—a booming economy. As a result, MCH has struggled to recruit and retain frontline revenue cycle staff members, and high turnover rates in staff have been expensive from both a human resources and a training perspective.

The staffing challenge was prominent as MCH leaders considered how to expand the hospital’s pre-registration program.…
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MCH chose to partner with Convergent, impressed with the company’s investment in its frontend revenue cycle services and the compatibility of its location in Texas. Convergent was willing to work on MCH’s systems, so there were no software integration needs to slow implementation of the solution. The MCH team traveled to Convergent’s operations base to train Convergent staff members on MCH’s systems and processes. “It was just like if we were going to hire a bunch of new employees onsite,…
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The results to date have been substantial. Prior to teaming with Convergent, MCH was only pre-registering approximately 40% of its scheduled patients, which in turn led to wait times at registration that sometimes reached 25 minutes. With Convergent’s services, MCH’s pre-registration rate now averages 80%-90%, recently climbing as high as 93%, and the average wait time has dropped to 11–12 minutes. Registration accuracy has also improved significantly, from 87% prior to Convergent’s arrival…
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