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This non-profit, 500-bed community hospital is located in the eastern United States. Although it had made great efforts to manage Workers’ Compensation and motor vehicle accident accounts, the corporate director of revenue cycle ultimately decided to seek outside help. Not only would this help quickly bring in revenue from these difficult accounts, but it would also free patient account representatives to focus on generating revenue from managed care and government-involved payers.

After considering…
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Convergent immediately placed an experienced professional on site to gather the information needed to effectively collect on these accounts. Derek Pickell, CEO, Convergent Revenue Cycle Management, explained, “Convergent understands that cash flow and improved revenue are absolutely critical to the viability of any healthcare organization. Our primary focus is always to help our client partners improve their financial position from the very start of the relationship.”

Convergent’s use of onsite…
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For more than four years, Convergent helped the hospital collect its Workers’ Compensation and motor vehicle accident accounts. In that time, days in accounts receivable for these accounts dropped substantially, from roughly 64 days to approximately 38 days.

“We attribute such a low number to the people and processes that Convergent brought to bear on the challenge of working these claims,” said the director. “We are very pleased with our Convergent partnership and the financial results…
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