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Patient collections is a multifaceted problem, and one that is only expected to grow as costs continue to rise with advancements in technology and insurance coverage falls with changes in deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance. UPMC recognized that while its inventory of secondary collection accounts was not likely to yield high returns, creating a competitive environment would help to identify vendors who could be successful at working self-pay accounts and insured accounts with balances due…
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As a business partner, Convergent brought rigorous program management capabilities for building and running an outsourced business unit. “After meeting with representatives from various groups within Convergent —including operations, IT, implementation, and executive management —we knew their combined team would be a strong partner in most any endeavor,” said Enos.

Transitioning the management of secondary collections to Convergent proceeded seamlessly. Convergent’s IT team worked quickly…
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Bringing Convergent on board to manage secondary collections has proven to be a sound choice for UPMC. Revenue from collections has improved and the experience has been positive for patients. “Convergent has made all of our jobs easier, allowing both sides to succeed,” said Enos. Performance counts, and Convergent regularly outperforms its competitor. “With Convergent, we have clearly found the high performance collector,” said Enos.

Convergent’s sensitivity in handling healthcare collections…
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