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This Physician Group was having difficulty meeting patient expectations for timely access to care. Frustrated with wait times of as much as an hour, patients often left the offices without being seen by a physician. Patient volumes began to drop, and with them practice revenue.

Much of the patient access problem could be traced back to a lack of standardized policies, procedures and processes for scheduling, registration, intake and patient treatment. The recent switch to an electronic health record…
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Convergent began with an analysis to identify the process gaps affecting all of the patient access processes and workflows. With this clarity, Convergent worked with the group and its parent company to design standardized policies and procedures for closing process gaps. Next, they put technology to work to automate the application of policies and procedures and to support new processes and patient flows. Convergent then developed the training and change management strategies that would be critical…
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Convergent’s work to help the group improve patient access has led to quantifiable financial gains. Policy and procedure standardization quickly improved the quality of patient information gathered at registration. At baseline, just 61 percent of the input was accurate. At the completion of the eight-month project, it was near perfect at 98 percent. This improvement in accuracy in turn reduced by 95 percent the volume of claim holds in accounts receivable caused by registration errors, from $495,000…
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