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When a Texas hospital placed a motor vehicle accident claim with Convergent, Convergent verified auto insurance could not be pursued for payment.

Another Texas hospital had an account for which neither of two patients had health or PIP to pursue. TPL policy limits were $250,000 for each and both exceeded those limits. Both patients were going to need future treatment and had lost wages to consider.

For the first hospital, Convergent immediately submitted the bill to the patient’s health insurer where it was pended for accident details. After calling the patient to make sure they were aware and sent the necessary information to their health insurer, Convergent continued to follow up with the health insurer.

For the second hospital, Convergent received a settlement reduction request from the attorney. Convergent drafted a reduction request and sent to the hospital for review, staying in constant touch with the attorney to inform him on the progress of response. A response from the hospital was finally received and a copy of the offer was emailed to the attorney’s office immediately. Convergent continued constant contact via email and phone with the attorney’s office for status on claim settlement.

The first hospital’s bill was reprocessed correctly and payment issued.

The second hospital finally received payment. Convergent’s ability to maintain constant communication with the attorney’s office simplified the process until the reduction was completed, payment issued, and lien released.