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Convergent Contact Center Solutions

Most back office processes are simple on a small scale. It is only when they increase in scale that problems can get out of hand and solutions are needed. Convergent has the scale to keep your back office problems in hand, cost effectively.

The Challenge

While back office procedures may be back office, they are still vital to the success of your business. Your business may not have the skills or scale to run high volume back office processes, or it may need supplementary or fail over support to handle volume spikes or internal breakdowns.

The Convergent Solution

Convergent has the skill, technology and scale to support even large finance and accounting, accounts payable, account receivable, billing, customer invoicing, reporting, order receipts, invoicing, collections, credit verification, data gathering, data cleansing, data classification, spend analysis, sourcing support, analytics, purchase requests, purchase management, catalog management, benefit administration, payroll processing and workforce management tasks.

The Bottom Line

If you have a specific back office process that you no longer wish to maintain or if you are looking for a full service back office solution, Convergent can help.