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Customers Say:

“I am really impressed with your company. I am glad we switched. I recommended you to Geiger Bros, who owns our division. They are going to also be using your services in the near future.”

Sherry Knowles, Crestline

Convergent Commercial, Inc. (CCI)

CCI has been a leader in the commercial receivables management industry since 1961. We have built a combination of commercial collection talent, technique and technology that is second to none. We have worked with every type of commercial claim there is and have developed the resources and skills to maximize recovery on these claims.

Third Party


Put our team of experienced commercial collectors and 50-state attorney network to work collecting your commercial claims. We accept claims in all formats including fax, email, and electronic. Our pricing is based on a percentage of the amount we recover, so you only pay us if we are successful.

Outsourcing / Consulting

Female consultant

Use our outsourcing capability to supplement your internal staff efforts for cost-effective recovery maximization. Our experienced agents will act in your name, using your system or ours, on a per call, per account or project basis.



“Negotiate, don’t litigate.” CCI’s pre-litigation department is an integral part of the collection recovery process. There are instances when additional pressure is needed from our in-house team to get payment.