Is Convergent Outsourcing a Scam?

Is Convergent Outsourcing a Scam?

Unfortunately, there are some debt collections agencies that hurt the reputation of the industry. There are also other parties that pose as debt collectors to trick consumers. Often this makes it difficult to distinguish a legitimate debt collector from one that is not.

As one of America’s leading collections agencies that adheres to the FDCPA’s guidelines, Convergent Outsourcing is not a scam. We have more than sixty years of experience in the debt collections industry, serving clients as a third-party partner for receivables management. 

Confirming Your Debt

As a third-party outsourcing company, we do not buy debts – the debt that you may owe is still owned by the original creditor. This means that you can still confirm your debt with the original creditor that Convergent Outsourcing has contacted you about.

How to Verify Convergent is Not a Scam

If you have received your debt collection letter, there is a client reference number in the top right-hand side of the letter. You can then call the original creditor your account has been placed with, provide the reference number to confirm the debt and verify that Convergent Outsourcing has been contracted by the company to collect that debt.

If you discovered the debt on your credit report and have not yet received your letter, please contact us online or call us directly to discover the nature of the debt. 

If Convergent is not a scam, why do you ask to verify my personal information when I call? Shouldn't your company have it on file already?

Convergent representatives are required to verify your full name and one additional piece of personal information to comply with state laws, federal laws, and various disclosure regulations. We cannot release any information about your debt without confirming that we are speaking to the correct person.

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In business since 1950, Convergent is one of America’s leading collections agencies. As an accredited agency, all of our representatives are thoroughly trained on customer service and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act compliance. We believe in customer service and want to make it easy as possible for people to pay the debts they owe.

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