Can a Collection Agency Sue You?

Can a Collection Agency Sue You?

It is a common misconception to believe that the only negative consequence for not paying collection agencies is the possibility of having a poor credit score. The reality is that outstanding debt can possibly effect more than just your credit report. In some instances, it has the potential to result in the creditor or collector taking legal action.

If I owe a debt to Convergent Outsourcing, would Convergent sue me?

As a service provider, Convergent Outsourcing works with the original company that you incurred a debt with to help collect the debt on their behalf. We do not buy or own debts – we merely act as a collections representative.

Since we do not own your debt, Convergent Outsourcing does not sue consumers for outstanding debts. The original creditor still has the right to legally pursue you for the debt you owe if they fail to collect the debt through other means.

How to Avoid Being Sued by a Debt Collector

According to the guidelines in the FDCPA it is within a collection agency’s rights to sue for your debt. If you currently owe money to a collection agency and want to avoid a potential and costly lawsuit, try these alternatives:

  • Do Not Ignore Debt Collectors - Debt collection lawsuits are usually preceded by numerous attempts to contact the consumer. If you owe money and are behind on your payments you should receive multiple letters, phone calls and notices about the past due debt. If the collector is unable to reach you, this could lead to them taking legal action.
  • Pay The Debt - Filing a lawsuit to recover debt is often the last and final resort for collection agencies. Making any kind of payment towards your balance may help satisfy the collectors and prevent you from being brought to court. Many times the collection agencies are willing to work with you to come up with a payment plan that you can manage.
  • Negotiate a Payoff - If you have the means to pay a portion of your debt, you may be able to discuss a payoff with your debt collector. Sometimes collection agencies are willing to take a lump sum payment of an amount that is less than your debt.

More FAQs

Convergent Outsourcing is a third party collection agency accredited by ACA International. We seek to make the debt collection process simple by providing multiple payment options online, by phone or by mail. If have found yourself in a situation where you are unable to make payments on your debt, please contact our representatives at 1-800-444-8485 to discuss what options you have available. We will help to the best of our ability and work to get you on a path towards a better financial future.

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In business since 1950, Convergent is one of America’s leading collections agencies. As an accredited agency, all of our representatives are thoroughly trained on customer service and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act compliance. We believe in customer service and want to make it easy as possible for people to pay the debts they owe.

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