Obtaining Detailed Account Information via Phone

Obtaining Detailed Account Information via Phone

In Convergent's day to day operation, many consumers call and request detailed information via phone. The consumer is generally made aware that our company can't disclose this information without following guidelines of the FDCPA, various state laws, and other government regulations.

To release specific account information via phone, our company is required to verify the consumer by their full name and an additional piece of private information. If you don't feel comfortable verifying this information, take a look at the top right-hand side of your letter. Located here is a client reference number. Feel free to call the original creditor located on your letter and verify the information provided to you from Convergent.

Can Someone Call a Debt Collector on My Behalf?

Practices may vary among debt collectors, but Convergent Outsourcing will need to verify certain items before speaking to another individual about your debt.

If you are a friend or relative (3rd party) calling on behalf of a consumer, please note you will need documentation which states you are the intended consumer's Power of Attorney. Documentation will need to be provided to Convergent to have on file; this will need to be obtained at the time of the call in order to proceed with further conversation.

The consumer may also verbally authorize Convergent to speak with you after going through the authentication verification process themselves. Keep in mind, you are still required to verify your name as well as verify the consumer's personal information EVERY time you call thereafter.

Can A Debt Collector Speak with My Spouse?

In most states Convergent Outsourcing is able to speak with the consumer's spouse with proper verification; however, spouses in Georgia, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Washington D.C. are treated as 3rd parties and require permission from the intended consumer to speak on their behalf. Without prior approval from the intended consumer, our company can only speak with a spouse in Illinois if the spouse has co-signed on a debt, or the debt is over 30 days in default.

Account information can only be discussed with the spouse in Iowa with the consumer's consent or when responding to an inquiry from the spouse.

How to Request a Debt Validation

If you have questions or need to make a change to your account

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