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Tim Collins

General Counsel / Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Tim Collins joined Convergent in 2013 as its General Counsel and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer tasked with leading the Audit, Compliance, Legal, and Training Departments. His previous position was Director of Compliance for Hyundai Capital America in charge of designing and implementing HCAs corporate governance and compliance programs. Prior to HCA he was VP of Risk Management and General Counsel for ARS National Services, Inc., where he managed three departments that reduced legal and business exposure in a highly regulated and litigious industry. Before joining ARS National Services, Inc., Tim was Legal Counsel with Midland Credit Management Corporation where he helped establish their litigation outsourcing program.

Tim has more than twenty years of experience in the collections industry including firsthand experience in litigating cases. He is a past Chair of the ACA International MAP Committee, past president of the Association of Corporate Counsel-San Diego Chapter, and teaches a seminar on In-House Corporate Practice at the University of San Diego Law School.